Mathis Humbert


The purpose of this playground is to showcase my personal projects about creative coding


Mathis Humbert is a 25yo french self-taught developer specialized in interaction, animation, and motion usually working with JavaScript, WebGL, HTML and CSS.

He loves to create web sites that have unique and creative designs, to push his knowledge of developer and to deliver a pixel perfect result.

He spends his free time being with friends and family, cooking, watching movies or TV shows, reading (mainly biographies), working out, improving my development skill or straining in design


He has accumulated two years of experience as a front-end developer, having worked for startups in Paris.

Currently, he operates as a freelance creative developer, offering his expertise to clients across various industries.

With a penchant for creativity, motion and 3D, he is enthusiastic about taking on new projects and collaborating with creative agencies, studios, or any other ventures seeking innovative development solutions.

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